Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Boots, Bows and Glitter Oh My!

“Happiness is giggles, curls and sassy little girly girls”  ~Unknown

As we sit on the big black bear rug in her room with the bin of socks and shoes keeping N occupied, Mommy tries desperately to adjust all the headbands and bows on the oatmeal canister. Thankful for Pinterest in this moment that I’m needing to regain some order in my home, I tell myself that yes, even the headbands and bows need to be organized. 

Little girl has been sorting through her shoes and boots for the last twenty minutes, pulling one out after the another. At approximately the same rate she’s retrieving them, I’m depositing them back into the bin. It’s a common game that mamas of nine month olds often play with their little ones, although it varies with setting, toys at hand, and gender. Put all the colored rings on the holder and it will drive the baby batty. Isn’t it obvious? They all need their space from each other! Build a block tower and it must be destroyed. Fill the shoe bin with shoes and they all need to get taken out...immediately, no time to spare! 

As I observe her curiosity at the different textures and attachments, I notice the girly girl in her already, drawn to the glamorous. The brown multicolor fur boots with the pom pom dangly ties and the bright pink “there’s no place like home” glitter slippers are unknowingly neck and neck in a serious competition. Which one deserves the honor of being tasted, chewed and drooled on? It seems that she samples each many times over, making sure not to miss anything before finally deciding on the fur. It appears that the glitter on her tongue was not an appealing texture, thus sealing their fate! 

By the time I finish arranging all the headbands and bows and placing it just where I want it in her room, a little piece of me feels completely contented. And I wonder if not for this sweet little girly girl of mine, would life be quite as gratifying as it is in this moment? I glance at her still chewing on the fur pom poms, happy as a clam and I know the answer in one drooly instant.

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